I am...

A picture of me!

...Alessandro Vendruscolo, I’m 22 yeas old, and I live in Italy, precisely between my hometown Pordenone, and Padua, where I got my bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

I crafting icons, UIs and websites.

I can provide you...

...the design and the code for your brand new web blog/site/[your thing here], as well as providing the awesome icon your app deserves.
Or maybe you’re developing an iOS/Mac/web app which needs a gorgeous UI.

I've been working...

...with Photoshop, HTML and CSS for more than 5 years. Objective-C is this year's new entry.

I usually work with these apps:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Macromates TextMate
  • Apple Xcode

And these are the languages I know:

  • HTML
  • CSS (SASS & Compass)
  • Javascript (jQuery)
  • Objective-C

I haz Twitter too!